Reality Sea?

Friday, January 7, 2011

salamun alaikum,

hows everybody's doin so far?
pray that we are always blessed be...
for sure, without His bless, can we even have the chance to breath?

reality check!

how far does we care about what's been up in our so called life? lots? little? none?
oh my goodness....dunno??


better run away now, or you'll never see what's coming...
like duhhhhh...have we been living in reality so far??
if we are, lets ask ourself how far have we been diving in this reality sea?
FYI, it is much deeper than any sea...
if u r drown in the sea, there are might be a chance for you to swim out of it...
or perhaps a lifebuoy or life boat might come to the rescue...
but what if you drown in the reality sea?
can you swim out of it?

check! check!

better get out of it before it gets you...
get it? it...gets...YOU
better keep your heads on the reality channel,
you already drown and not even a pro swimmer can help themselves.

Reality check?

check! check!
check mate.

5 Muharram 1432@19:54hrs


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