Reality Check 1st Edition...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Salamun alaikum,

its been a tough year back then.
RC pray that Allah helps me to survive another.
a lot had happened lately and it does leaves RC a lot
of question to be answer in life journey.
for an instance, REALITY...

yeah, been living for almost _5yrs n still found
myself in fantasy if u know what RC talkin about.
no no no, its not about living ur daily routine,
eat, drink and bath juz like any other regular guy,
what RC mean is, where were we when all those hideous
things happened?

were we having our fancy lunch when there are bunch of
people are starve?
or we were laughing at stupid jokes while some of us
being slaughtered?

reality check!
that is the real reality!....
having thoughts of those who in need of help and
ensure that they got it....get it? GOT...IT....

opah yg cool~
even RC opah can do what we were doing all these while,
seat back and cry over the people and then starts
living all over again by enjoying Gags, Sinetron,
or movies....duhhhhh...

we need more than that....
we need the whole nation to think for one...
not one to think for themselves only...
thats cowardise....RC dare say...
"oh kesian...." *switch channel* "bhahahahahaha.."

reality check!

thats not it....
less talk, action please....
been living in this so called reality peace had
turned most of us to be such a coward...
RC dare say, how much despite our military
would give up their lives just for this country?
RC dare say.....not more than 10%??
better be wrong then...
but mark this, no such in logical mind for any
regular being who all this while had lives peacefully
would give away their privilege of it by compromise.
i better be wrong then...

big house emerge....
wonder where that money came from,
lotsa cool cars are rolling,
wonder where that came from either...
it seems that what Rasulullah taught didn't
reach almost most of us in here aite?
if not, there wont be any of us who consider
themselves muslims, and still having those reality wealth while others still at stake...

Reality Check!

i have nothing more to say then....

i dunno what scares more,
live in the fake peace,
or die in the real war..
but what im sure is,
live n die without Allah's syafaat is a total loss

Reality Check Check!

check Mate!

2nd Muharram 1432@02:20am


Adhwa said...

salaam... check! check mate! hehee... nice entry... keep it up. May Allah bless you k... dari Malaysia ka? =)

RC said...

alaikum salam akhi!

reality check! check! >_0

yup! made in malaysia...
not 1malaysia huhu

i pray the same to all of us ummah...
ameeeen >_0

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